Thursday, February 27, 2014

Faith in Eternal Life

“The Church’s faith in the eternity of man is not the conviction that there is somehow a future “condition” where “something” from man survives, his “soul” or his “spirit”. But it is the certainty that my nature and its existential possibilities do not secure the hypostasis of my life; my relationship with God, his erotic love for me, secure it and constitute it. Faith in eternity is the trust that this love will not stop but will always constitute my life whether my psychosomatic capacities function or do not function. 

Faith in eternal life is not an ideological certainty; it is not defended with arguments. It is a motion of trust, a deposit of our hopes and our thirst for life in the love of God. He who gives us here and now such a wealth of life, in spite of our own psychosomatic resistances to the realization of life (of real life which is a loving self –transcendence and communion), he has promised us also fullness of life, direct adoption, a face to face relationship with Him, the last resistances of our rebellion are put out in the earth”[1].

[1] Yannaras, Christos, Elements of Faith, (Edinburgh, T&T Clark, 1991), p.66

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