Sunday, March 16, 2014

Giving birth to your trust

“If you believe in God, you do not do so because some theoretical principles suggest this belief to you or some foundational institution guarantees his existence. You believe him because his person, the personal existence of God, gives birth to your trust. His works and his historical “activity”, his interventions within history, make you want a relationship with him…
…At whatever level or degree, faith is an event and experience of relationship, a road radically different from intellectual certainty and “objective” knowledge. If we wish to know the God of the biblical tradition, the God if the Church, we must search by the right road, the road of faith. Logical “proofs” for his existence, the objective attempts of apologetics, the historical trustworthiness of the sources of the Christian tradition, can be useful aids in order that the need for faith be born within us. But they do not lead to faith, nor can they replace it.

When the Church calls us to her truth, she does not hold out some theoretical theses which must be accepted in principle. She invites us to a personal relationship, to a “way” of life which constitutes a relationship with God o leads progressively and experientially to a relationship with him. This way transforms our entire life from individual survival to an event of communion…
We draw near to God by means of a way of life, not by means of a way of thinking. A way of life includes every organic function of growth and maturity – it is the way, for instance, which forms the relationship with our mother and father. From nursing and caressing and affection and care to conscious communion and acceptance of their love, there shoots up silently and imperceptibility in the soul of the child faith in his mother and father. This bond does not require logical proofs or theoretical securities, unless this relationship has itself been disturbed. Only then do the arguments of the mind try to substitute for the reality of life”[1].

[1] Yannaras, Christos, Elements of Faith – An Introduction to Orthodox Theology, (Edinburgh, T&T Clark, 1991), p.12, 13, 14

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