Saturday, March 29, 2014

Protecting the Children of War

Fr. Savvas Kyrazoglou here presents a beautiful song which will shock whoever sees it. Fr. Savvas is known for being sensitive and an advocate for the protection of children in war areas all around the world. Through this video he wishes to point out that it is a great sin and shame to be indifferent to our fellow man and especially to children. 

The song below, entitled ‘Love (The only treasure)’ is a beautiful song, showing how Fr. Savvas Kyrazoglou really feels about this important issue, which should affect us all. Listening to the song we are reminded of the current situations in Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere, where people die daily, where children’s lives are ruined and ended. Fr. Savvas believes that through this song he may move some people to finally act and protect the children of the world who are suffering daily. The song is as follows:

How can I stop my tear
when about wars I hear
how can I, how can I
How can I live in a lie
when around me people die
how can I, how can I

stop the war
I can't any more
the only treasure
don't kill this pleasure

How can I feel my dreams
I'm just flying without wings
how can I, how can I
How can I walk away
like there is no other way
how can I, how can I[1]

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