Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jesus in Hades for three days

In the Bible we hear Jesus claim that he will be in the underworld for three days. However, when we celebrate this reality during Holy Week we identify that it is actually 1 day. How, then, do we explain this? 

Jesus Christ was on the cross on Holy Friday, between 1-3 pm, when there was still light. During the 6th - 9th   hours there was darkness, i.e. between 3-6 pm. After the 9th hour we have day again. The following day we have Saturday and on Holy Saturday night we have Christ’s Resurrection. Thus, analytically we have the following exegesis:
Holy Friday, 1-3 pm         First Day
Holy Friday, 3-6 pm         First Night
Holy Friday, 6-9 pm,        Second Day
Holy Friday, night            Second Night
Holy Saturday, day           Third Day
Holy Saturday, night        Third Night, where we have the Resurrection of the Son of God

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