Friday, April 11, 2014

Monastery of St. Patapios, Greece

The Monastery of St Patapios, is located near the city of Loutraki, in Southern Greece, on the Geraneaia Mountains. The monastery is within the jurisdiction of the Metropolis of Corinth, Church of Greece. 

Father Nectarios Marmarinos insisted on the founding of the monastery of St. Patapios of Thebes. In 1952 Prokopios, Metropolitan Bishop of Corinth, founded the monastery around the cave where the relics of Patapios were founded in 1904 by Fr Constantine Sosanis. The saints relics had been placed beneath tiles and large leaves, to protect his body from the damp, whilst also exuding a sweet odour. On the relic there was a scroll giving Patapios’ name, with a large wooden cross and some Byzantine coins. 

The cave, currently, has a sanctuary and is the place where the holy relic of St Patapios is kept. Inside this small cave are also a number of magnificent Byzantine wall paintings from the 13th century. Three prominent figures are easily distinguished, i.e. St Patapios, St Ipomoni and St Nikon. After the founding of the monastery, Nun Patapia was nominated as Mother Superior, with Father Nectarios Marmarinos as its spiritual leader. Today, there are nearly forty nuns living in the cells of the foundation. 

The monastery church (Katholicon) is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Church hols he relic scull of St. Ipomoni (which in Greek her name means patience) and part of the hip bone of St Nikon. St Patapios’ memory is celebrated on 8 December (main celebration) whilst also being celebrated two days after Easter Sunday (in memory of the day that his relic was discovered).  

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