Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What does the Garden of Eden Symbolise?

“We read in the book of Genesis that God, when he had created man, planted a garden for his pleasure, a most beautiful garden in Eden, and settled him there. The image of the garden in all Middle Eastern religions functions as a symbol of ideal happiness – perhaps in contrast with the aridity and the bareness of the deserts which abound in these regions. Certainly, the drought of the desert is a symbol of death, while the rivers which irrigate the Garden of Eden and the wealth of vegetation which adorn it give the picture of fullness of life”[1]

[1] Yannaras, Christos, Elements of Faith, (Edinburgh, T&T Clark, 1991), p.75

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  1. To me, the Garden of Eden is the world and cosmos as it was before we ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and became conscious. Then we began to think we knew better how to manage things and created the disaster we are living in today - ecological, environmental, economic, political, social, psychological.