Monday, May 19, 2014

Statue dedicated to the Genocide of Pontian Greeks

In the small, but beautiful, North Greek city of Kastoria lies a statue dedicated to the genocide of Pontian Greeks. This monument is located in the entrance of the city. Nikos Kapetanidis is depicted here, whilst the bottom part the emblem of Pontos is engraved, next to the map of Pontos (modern North Turkey) and a patriotic poem. 

Another part of the big monument is an engraved depiction of the diachronical, glorious and dramatic history of the Pontian Greeks, beginning with the Argonauts and ending with the genocide and deportation of the Pontian Greeks in 1922. 

This important monument is another testimony of the realities of war and how some world treaties bring the destruction of a people, destroying families, cultures and traditions, bringing death and destruction to millions of people. It is a monument which all Greeks and all humans should understand, in order to not repeat the past atrocities. Unfortunately, Pontos is still under foreign rule, i.e. Turkey. Nevertheless, the 1 million Pontian Greeks who moved to Greece have flourished, remembering their traditions, culture, language and music.   

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