Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Cherubic Hymn

The Cherubic Hymn is one of the most beautiful hymns chanted during the Divine Liturgy. It is one of the largest pieces, allowing for the priest to say the prayers and prepare for the Great Entrance. The hymn  points out that we, the faithful, pass through the world of the angels: 

“We who are mystical images of the Cherubim, and who sing the thrice-holy hymn to the life-giving Trinity, let us now leave aside every earthly care, for we are about to receive the King of all, escorted by the angelic hosts”.
In Fr. Andreas Andreopoulos’ new book Gazing on God he explains what the Cherubic Hymn is, what it means for us faithful. He states:
“The Cherubic hymn marks a transition, from the world that we can perceive through the help of the Holy Spirit… The hymn of the Cherubim signifies something much greater than an abstract, theoretical metaphor. It is an invitation to the world of angels to join us in our wedding feast with the Bridegroom of the Church, where, nevertheless, the central place next to Christ is reserved for the communion of mortals. This image alone can show how our place in the Creation of God is higher than the angels – but also the responsibility of drawing the rest of the Creation with us to him.”[1]

[1] Andreopoulos, Andreas, Gazing on God, (Cambridge, James Clarke & Co, 2013), p.45-46.

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