Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Translating Liturgical Texts

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  1. From, Constantine Buhayer. londongreek@hotmail.com
    Can I explain why I often feel that Mr Lash and many like him are either ignorant or institutionally racist? I tend to defend the latter qualification, openly, while trying to come to terms my own failings, prejudices and weaknesses. Others, some of whose opinion I highly respect, would diametrically oppose any such notion about Mr Lash.
    1/ Our Orthodox Church in Britain has reached its status through the funding and the determination of Greek and Greek Cypriot speaking people who hardly understood the Greek of the Bible.
    2/ The language is not Ancient Greek but Koine, Alexandrine Greek.
    3/ Modern Slavic languages and Armenian emerged and were structured through the translation of the Koine of the Holy Books. Their vocabulary, just as Latin and the Latin tongues, adopted endless Greek words that did not originally exist in their dialects.
    4/ The main drive in translating into English is based on an ethnic prejudice. There are many Greek words infused with holiness and that need to be kept, Pantocrator, Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie, Despota, Panagia, Sophia, diakonia, eleison emas, Makarios, agape, philanthropia, ti si hariti, Despina, Theotokou, Proshomen, Homoousion, etc, etc We cannot uses vernacular terms. I had questioned in public Mr Ware at how the act of transfering key original terms to the nearest English equivalent, diminishes the meaning of those terms and the liturgical language as a whole. He said that was OK to lose meaning. It's also fine by me but they should stick to their original denomination, not play at Orthodox gurus.
    5/ We are the only faith whose original language is being savaged by holier than thou translators. This is not the case with Judaism, Islam. Judaism has translated itself from its original Greek and Hebrew texts into English but has kept so many original, holy terms that it has produced a a small lexicon containing them.
    6/ The original text, Mr Lash, is not the 'so called original' or 'what they call the original'. It is the original.
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