Friday, August 22, 2014

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Centenary Conference

The Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation is organising a Centenary Conference dedicated to Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh at King’s College, London, for two days – 15 and 16 November 2014. This conference will attract a number of distinguished speakers from all around the world. The list of speakers is as follows:
Dr Rowan Williams (Cambridge, UK)
Metropolitan John Zizioulas of Pergamon (Athens, Greece)
Father Alexander Fostiropoulos (London, UK)
Brother Adalberto Mainardi (Bose, Italy)
Dr Susanne Sklar (Wisconsin, USA)
Dr Elisabeth Robson (Brighton, UK)
Costa Carras (Athens, Greece)
Karin Greenhead (London, UK)

‘The Glory of God is a Man Fully Alive’
                St Irenaeus of Lyons
These words of St Irenaeus, quoted so often by Metropolitan Anthony, speak of a fullness of life which he himself never ceased trying to live. He spoke of it in many different ways – as the ‘radiance of God’ which shines through a person who has reached the full potential of his being; as love which is ‘the abundance of triumphant life, a life… so deep and absolute that it can pour itself out without thinking of the risk, the danger or the loss.’ He himself had in great measure this fearless plenitude of life, and the gift of inspiring others to seek it. But he was in no doubt about the courage and daring, the transparency and human vulnerability needed to attain it. And he urged that what it required of us above all was to be human, to take our place not only ‘under the shelter of the wings of God’ but where things are tragic, in the eye of the storm.
With these thoughts in mind the ‘Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation’ has organised this Conference, the sixth in Western Europe to be held in his memory, celebrating the centenary of his birth. We will look at his spiritual and theological vision and teaching, and at him as a person, in that what he preached was inseparable from what he tried to live. And we will reflect on aspects of the theme in the light of his example as a pastor and shepherd who strove to live every word of the Gospel to the full, and to live it in the very heart and turmoil of the modern world.
About the Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation
The Foundation is a body of independent trustees whose task is to collect together, publish and make known the writings, recordings and films which make up Metropolitan Anthony’s legacy – a body of work which spoke not only to his own church but far beyond its boundaries to the whole of society. The Foundation now has an extensive Archive which contains not only his published material but a rich collection of his unpublished works: spiritual and theological writings; letters, films and documents concerning his life and pastoral ministry. The Archive is now available for research, on request through the Foundation.

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