Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary of Foreigners

This Church is situated in the heart of Corfu town in the square where the Church of St Spyridon is also located, just off Theotoki Street. The church of Panagia Xenon or the Church of the Virgin Mary of Foreigners was constructed in the 18th Century by the priest Ieronimos Nicodemos from Epirus (the part of Greece opposite Corfu), built for refugees from Epirus who settled in Corfu after the persecutions during the Ottoman domination.

It is built in the three aisled basilica style and displays fine works of arts from the 18th century, especially its ceiling which was the creation of N. Koutouzi. It also houses a rare icon ‘Riza Lessai’ created by artist M.Mantzavinos in 1814 and beautiful ornate chancel screens which were decorated in gold plate.

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