Friday, October 17, 2014

Orthodox Numerology

1.       In Orthodoxy, one is God.
2.       Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has two natures.
3.       The Holy Trinity consists of three persons.
4.       Four are the Holy Evangelists.
5.       On the fifth day of creation the fish and the birds were created.
6.       Six are the wings of the Six-Winged Angels (Exapteryga).
7.       Seven are the Holy Mysteries of the Church.
8.       There are eight modes in Byzantine Music, chanted during the Liturgical Celebrations.

9.       Nine are the orders of the Holy Angels.
10.   Ten are the Commandments given by God to Moses.
11.   Eleven are the Eothina Gospels, chanted during Matins.
12.   Twelve are the Apostles.
50. Fifty days after Easter we celebrate Pentecost.
70. Seventy was the number of the larger group of Apostles Christ had.
666. This is the numerical symbol of the Antichrist.

The Orthodox Church does not have an official numerology. This is a non-Orthodox tradition. However, in order to give a spiritual weapon in the hands of the faithful, in their spiritual battle against the delusions of Satan, we give a small list of numbers with the symbolic meaning that they may have, according to our Orthodox teaching and Tradition[1].

[1] This is a translation taken from: Σαλαπάτας, Αναστάσιος Δ., ‘Ορθόδοξη Αριθμολογία (Αντί Προλόγου)’, Σπουδάγματα, Τεύχος 6, Πάσχα 1999, p. 1

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