Thursday, October 2, 2014

The goal of our existence

Mankind has always tried to understand its true objective in life. Why have we been created? Who is our creator? What is our goal in life? Philosophical trends have endeavoured to answer these important questions. All religions have done the same. The Church is no exception to this rule. A Orthodox Christian understanding of the goal of our existence is given below by John Meyendorff, who states that:

‘the goal of our existence as Christians, [is] the “perfection of life in Christ” (Nicholas Cabasilas, Life in Christ, IV, 1), “the mystery which supplies perfection to the other mysteries” (ibid. IV, 3) and makes the church to be the Church.’[1]
Additionally, Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia has stated on numerous occasions that man is a ‘liturgical animal’ (ζώον ευχαριστηριακόν), verifying what Meyendorff and Nicholas Cabasilas state above. Our existence goes hand in hand with the existence and the objectives of the Church. By having the Church and thus Christ in the centre of our existence, we reach our potential and our true vocation in life.

[1] Meyendorff, John, Living Tradition, (Crestwood, St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1978), p. 118. 

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