Friday, November 7, 2014

St Nectarios in his room

Next to the Holy Trinity Monastery on the small island of Aegina, near Athens, is located the small apartment of a 20th century saint, Saint Nectarios. This small apartment, together with his room, is visited by thousands of faithful annually, who come to the monastery to venerate the saint. Many stories relating to miracles of the saint are made known to the faithful. One of them is the following:

A number of years ago, a family visited the Church of St Nectarios. A sister gave a guided tour of the Saint’s apartment to the family, who also had their young child with them. Due to the antique status of the furniture, it is not permitted to sit on them. However, the small child sat on the bed. The sister quickly told him that he had to stand and that it is not permitted to sit on the bed. The child replied by saying: Why should I get up? The old man told me to sit. The one sitting there, next to the window! The sister and the child’s parents understood that the Saint was in the room with them. The child was the only one who could see him. Therefore, they allowed the child to sit, whilst praying to the Saint.

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