Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Liturgical Glorification of the Mother of God

Whoever goes to the Orthodox Church will identify that iconographically and hymnographically, Orthodox venerates and prays to the Theotokos constantly. She plays a crucial role in our faith, in our understanding of salvation, as is expressed also in Scripture and the Tradition of the Orthodox Church. How, therefore, do we understand this liturgical veneration and glorification of the Mother of God?

‘The liturgical glorification of the Mother of God is theocentric and christocentric. It is always set in the perspective of the history of salvation but also concerns her personally as one who possesses the gifts of freedom. Mary is not a passive instrument, not simply the womb through which the Word passed in taking flesh. Her glory does not consist solely in the fact that she nursed the Son of God.’[1]  

[1] Behr-Sigel, Elisabeth, The Ministry of Women in the Church, (California, Oakwood Publications, 1991). p.193. 

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