Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiness and Goodness

Many people today wish to question faith and the Church. They wish to accept and validate an anthropocentric reality and existence. However, a Christian answer to the existence and prevalence of faith and the Church is the presence of Saints. They are a validation of the continued love and communion God has established towards His creation.

‘Holiness and goodness are all-powerful in their very essence. We shall never be able to comprehend the grandeur of the Church unless we realise that it is founded upon the blood, flesh and bones, and the holy relics of thousands of martyrs, confessors, saints, and blessed and holy persons of all ages and of every background and race. The whole of our earth may be contaminated every day by the sins of man but it is also continually sanctified by the blood of the holy martyrs and relics of all the saints.
The Orthodox Church of martyrs and saints, for which thousands upon thousands of the faithful have offered themselves as living sacrifices, knows that this offering is nothing other than the confirmation that Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer. The death of Christ, his blood shed on the Cross, and the blood of the martyrs, was not shed in vain, and it is this which sustains the Church and ensures her victory.’ [1]

[1] Vernezos, Ioannis, Life and Recent Miracles of Saint John the Russian, (Prokopi, 1999), pp. 23-24.

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