Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Ecumenical Visit to Greensted and Stanford Rivers

On the 28th January 2015, members of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association (A.E.C.A.) visited the oldest wooden Church in the world and the oldest ‘Stave Built’ timber building in Europe – St Andrew’s Church, Greensted[1]. Also they visited St Margaret’s Church – Standford Rivers[2]. It was also an opportunity to speak about theological issues that affect both the Orthodox Church and the Anglican Communion and a great occasion to learn more about the ecclesiastical history of England.

I would like to thank, the parish priest of both these churches Fr Andrei Petrine (also member of the A.E.C.A.), who kindly toured the members of the AECA, giving the history of the churches and of the parishes. Also we owe thanks to Fr Andrei and his family for a wonderful lunch and for their gifts.

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