Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ayiassos, Lesvos

Ayiassos, a small town on the Greek island of Lesvos (the third largest island of Greece) is well known for a number of reasons. It is renowned for its fruit production, for its fertile lands, from its mountainous climate, being next to the imposing Lesbian Olympus Mountain (1000 metres high).

The abundant waters of Ayiassos flow over its rich earth; flowing from mountains and through gorges, supplying the springs of Karini, with their very tall perennial plane trees.

Despite the natural and mountainous beauty of this town, the main attraction of the area is undoubtedly the Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary of Ayiassos (Panagia Ayiassotissa). The town took the name of the Church. The name derives from the icon found in the Church – Mothen of God, Holy Zion. With time Agia Sion (in Greek) became Ayiassos. The once desolated area emerged as the religious centre of the island of Lesvos, turning it into the eminent cultural and commercial centre of this Greek island.  

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