Thursday, January 8, 2015

Being Dead to the World

The objective of every Christian is to reach salvation, theosis, be in communion with God, the Holy Trinity. This, however, is a journey every Christian takes. There are many depictions of this reality in numerous patristic texts. Following is a beautiful poetic account of this reality, given to us by St Gregory Nazianzen, who explains:

‘From the day whereon I renounced the things of the world to consecrate my soul to luminous and heavenly contemplation, when the supreme intelligence carried me hence to set me down far from all that pertains to the flesh, to hide me in the secret places of the heavenly tabernacle; from that day my eyes have been blinded by the light of the Trinity, whose brightness surpasses all that the mind can conceive; for from a throne high exalted the Trinity pours upon all, the ineffable radiance common to the Three. This is the source of all that is here below, separated by time from the things on high . . . . From that day forth I was dead to the world and the world was dead to me.’[1]  

[1] Poemata de seipso I’, P.G., XXXVII, 984-5. 

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