Friday, January 16, 2015

Christian Life

Christian life is characterised by having Christ in its centre, by living in Christ. We achieve this by living within the Church, where the Church and God is at the centre of our existence. Fr Sophrony Sakharov explains this, in his book Words of Life, where he states:

Christian life means to become like Christ, to have, as Saint Paul tells us, the same movements of the heart, the same thoughts, as the Son of the Father. If we remain conscious of this goal, if inwardly we go with all our being in this direction, our mind will not be lost in petty things. Envy, jealousy, frictions, and the minute problems of daily life will pass completely unnoticed. (p. 54). 

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  1. Yes. But that's easier said than done; and what about the problems that are not minute?