Thursday, March 12, 2015

Charles Bridge, Prague

Charles Bridge, in the centre of Prague, is a stone Gothic bridge, connecting the Old Town and Lesser Town (Mala Strana). It was originally called the Stone Bridge. Its construction was commissioned by Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, which began in 1357. In charge of the construction was architect Petr Parler whose other works include the St Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle.

The bridge has a great number of religious statues. The most popular statue is most probably the one of St John of Nepomuk, a Czech martyr saint who was executed during the reign of Wenceslas IV by being thrown into the Vlata from the bridge. The plaque on the statue has been polished to a shine by countless people having touched it over the centuries. Touching the statue is supposed to bring good luck and ensure your return to Prague. From Charles Bridge, the visitor can enjoy fairy-tale views of Prague. Street artists and musicians are to be found here. It is the Hyde Park of the Czech capital. 

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