Monday, March 16, 2015

Methymna, Lesvos (Greece)

Methymna, which in the medieval period was renamed Molyvos, had since antiquity been Lesvos’ second most important city after Mytilene. On the top of the mountain, the castle of Molyvos is located, ensuring control of the narrow passage to Asia Minor and the Gulf of Adramyttion.

Currently, one can find here a number of artefacts and clues from its diverse past, where different civilisations, cultures, empires and religions had Lesvos under their control, including Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire and Modern Greece. Among the ancient ruins in Methymna we find a part of the paved Hellenistic main road from ancient Methymna to the countryside (3rd century BC 1st century BC). 

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