Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saint Therapon Orthodox Church, Mytilene

The largest Church on the Greek island of Lesvos is dedicated to St. Therapon, Bishop of Cyprus. This Church constitutes a mixture of byzantine and Gothic architectural style with Baroque elements. From the 17th century there was a small chapel in its place dedicated to St Therapon. According to various sources, the first Church was built on the remains of an ancient building, probably the temple of Apollo or the school of the poet Sappho.

The construction of the current Church building began in the years of the Ottoman occupation. The building began in 1850. It was inaugurated in 1935. An unusual fact, not found in many Orthodox Churches worldwide, is the existence within the Church of a sarcophagus, where Bishop of Ougrovlahia Ignatius lies, who was originally from the island of Lesvos (1766-1828). He fought against the Ottoman Empire. 


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