Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stockholm Cathedral, Sweden

The Stockholm Cathedral, also known as Storkyrkan (The Great Church), is dedicated to St Nicholas, being the main church of the Diocese of Stockholm, Church of Sweden (Lutheran). The church is located in the Old Town (Gamla Stan) right next to the Royal Palace. The exterior and interior of the church are a mix of Gothic, Baroque and Medieval styles. Through this mixture of styles the expansion of the church building is evident, since the 13th century.

Stockholm’s medieval Cathedral, built in 1279, houses unique objects such as the St George and the Dragon sculpture (1489), the legendary Vadersoltavlan (1535) and Lena Lervik’s sculpture ‘Joseph and Mary’ (2002).
Since 1527, the Cathedral has been a Lutheran church. A wide range of religious services and concerts are held. The wedding of T.R.H. Crown Victoria and Prince Daniel took place in 2010 in Stockholm Cathedral.

The statue of St George and the Dragon is work mentioning further, due to its prominent size and place within the Cathedral. It was unveiled in 1489 as an altar monument for the shrine to St George. Its commissioner, Sten Sture the Elder, had put to flight the forces of King Christian of Denmark, thereby rescuing Stockholm from the Danish invaders. The legend of St George and the Dragon tells of a terrible dragon that demanded human offerings from the town of Selene as its price for not laying waste to the town. The day the King’s daughter is to be sacrificed, St George comes riding by. On condition that the town’s heathen inhabitants convert to Christianity, he slays the dragon. In St George it may be that Sten Sture saw himself as the knight who conquered the Danish ‘dragon’, thereby saving the princess, i.e. Stockholm. For people today, this imposing monument provides inspiration to take up the struggle against evil – wherever it might appear. 

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