Friday, March 6, 2015

The Purpose of the Church

What is the current purpose of the Church, according to the Christians? This is an interesting question, when acknowledging that the past purpose was conceived to be a different one than the one many Christian have today. Nicolas Zernov explains, on this topic, that:

‘If a Christian to-day is asked to explain the purpose of the Church, he will most probably describe it as a society which aims at helping its members to lead a better moral life, and thus puts them into the right kind of relation with God as revealed in Christ. Such an answer means a distinct departure from the purpose of the Church as understood by Christians of previous generations; for to them the Church was primarily an instrument of salvation, and its authority was accepted because it guaranteed to its obedient members exemption from the eternal torments, and the enjoyment of a blessed life in heaven.’[1]

[1] Zernov, Nicolas, The Reintegration of the Church, (London, SCM Press LTD, 1952), p.15. 

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