Friday, May 22, 2015

Lost professions

Every epoch brings new professions. However, due to the technological advancement of human civilisation we also observe the extinction of a number of professions. The pictures below show professions which have been lost for more than a century. They might seem funny now, but then they were part of daily life. The professions depicted below are:
a.       Pinsetter. Young children used to place the pins back in their place after each game.
b.      The human alarm clock. A man used a wooden stick or small stones and tapped the bedroom window or their doors in order to wake them up.
c.       Ice cutters. Before our modern cooling systems there were people who cut ice and place them in the house.
d.      The radar-man. The military used acoustic systems in order to determine, through sound, what aircrafts approached the area. 
e.      Rat-hunter. This was a profession which was widely spread in many European metropolises, due to the great dangers of spreading infections to the human population.

f.        The person who lit the streetlights. This was a profession for the cities, before we all started using electricity.

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