Monday, May 4, 2015

Oxford Patristic & Byzantine Study Week

The Ainos Cultural Society, in cooperation with the University of Winchester, the Orthodox Theological Research Forum, the Fellowship of St Alban & St Sergius and the House of St Gregory & St Macrina, is organising the Oxford Patristic & Byzantine Study Week (Friday 3rd – Wednesday 8th July 2015), hosted by Wolfson College, Oxford.
The aim of this study week is to explore the convergence between Patristic & Byzantine Studies in modern scholarship. It comprises lectures by eminent personalities in the fields of Patristic, Byzantine and Syriac Studies, seminars/ reading classes, discussions, guided tours in oxford colleges and libraries, cultural events and dialogues between artists, scholars and the wider public on sacred art, history and spirituality.

Although Patristic and Byzantine studies overlap to a certain extent, they are approached very often as distinct areas with distinct methodologies. The main point of this study week it so emphasize the need of interdisciplinarity between Patristic and Byzantine studies.
People who will join the event will have the opportunity to attend lectures by distinguished scholars in both fields who will offer talks on various aspects of these fields.
Speakers include:
Metropolitan of Diokleia Kallistos Ware (Oxford), Professor Andrew Louth (Durham), Professor Sebastian Brock (Oxford), Professor Richard Price (London), Dr Mary Cunningham (Nottingham), Dr Ida Toth (Oxford), Dr Andreas Andreopoulos (Winchester), Dr Julia Konstantinovsky (Oxford), Dr Eirini Panou (Jerusalem), Dr Niki Tsironi (Athens), Fr Stphen Platt (Oxford), George Calofonos (Athens), Rebecca White (Oxford), Veronique Magnes (Athens), Theofili Kampianaki (Oxford).
There will also be reading classes and discussions on the topics addressed in the main lectures.
On Saturday evening there will be evening prayers at the Orthodox Church of Canterbury Road and a garden party at the lawn of St Gregory and St Macrina House. On Sunday we shall attend the Divine Liturgy at the Russian Orthodox Church with Fr Stephen Platt as celebrant. In the evening, a choice of cultural events will complete the programme of this study week in Oxford along with a banquet.
For those who wish there will be a visit to the Monastery of Saint John the Baptist in Essex after the end of the study week (Wednesday 8th-Friday 10th July). Please let us know if you are interested to attend.
The study week is intended as an intergenerational event with senior speakers and mid-career scholars assisted by doctoral and post-doctoral student leading the reading sessions.
All lectures, reading classes and discussions will be held in English.
The Study Week starts on Friday 3rd July at 10:00 am and the inaugural event dedicated to The Sacred In Art will take place in the afternoon 5:00 – 7:00 om and shall be followed by a reception at the garden of Wolfson College. The contemporary Greek artists who shall make presentations and exhibit their work are: Venia Dimitrakopoulou, Aimillia Papaphilippou, Pavlos Samios and Vana Xenou.
Accommodation will be limited.
Early booking will secure accommodation at Wolfson College or in other places in Oxford. Please make your own travel arrangements as soon as possible in order to get low air fares.
For information please write to
For additional information and conference fees please visit:

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