Monday, July 20, 2015

Prophet Elijah Orthodox Church, Athens

Prophet Elijah Orthodox Church in Pagkrati, near the centre of Athens, was built between 1929 and 1950. It is a Cross shaped Basilica with a dome. In 1942 it was consecrated by Archbishop of Athens and Regent Damaskinos.

An interesting fact, especially for the Pontian Greeks (i.e. the Greeks who lived in modern day Northern Turkey, before the population exchange of 1922) is that the priest who served at this Church, during the 1920s, is the one who travelled to Pontos (Northern Turkey) and retrieved the holiest icon of the Pontian Greeks, i.e. the icon of the Mother of God of Soumela (Panagia Soumela). This was a great achievement, allowing for millions of Greeks to be able to relate to their lost traditions, culture, language, music, which they had whilst still living in their homeland, in Pontos, uniting them in their new homeland, in mainland Greece.  

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