Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Evil Eye

Every nation in the world has a number of superstitions, which exist thousands of years now. One of these superstitious beliefs, existing in many countries and cultures is the evil eye. The Evil Eye tree depicted here is from Cappadocia, central Turkey; however, this is a belief that many Greeks also maintain. Therefore, we see that a Christian and a Muslim culture believes in the same thing, i.e. the evil eye. 

The belief in the evil eye is evident not only in villages but also in big cities. People believe that someone can catch the evil eye from someone else’s jealous compliment or envy. A person who has caught the evil eye usually feels bad physically and psychologically. In order to get rid of the evil eye, a special prayer has to be said, relieving the person from any pain and the bad effects of the evil eye. Those who believe in this superstition also wear a charm, a little blue bead with an eye painted on it. Blue is believed to be the colour that wards off the evil eye, but it is also believed that people with blue eyes are most possible givers of the evil eye. 

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