Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fishing on the Galata Bridge

One of the most characteristic sights in modern day Istanbul is the fishing taking place on the Galata Bridge, being the city’s top spot for fishing. The men stand there day in and day out, in the rain and in the sun. Every now and again, they throw fish in the air and birds swoop in to catch the fish before it hits the ground. Observing the fishermen is a delight, whereby one can spend some time merely observing them, whilst overlooking the Golden Horn, the Galata Tower and generally the European part of Istanbul.  

It is a magical place, especially for those who love fish dishes, since on the bottom part of the bridge, one finds some of the best fish restaurants in the city, where fish sandwiches are to be found. It is a place with an addictive vide, reminding the passer-by of the greatness of this historic city.

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