Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why the Orthodox make Fanouropita in memory of St. Fanourios?

St Fanourios is widely known within the Greek Orthodox world[1]. The Fanouropita, i.e. the pie dedicated to St. Fanourios is a recent tradition, ­followed by the Greek Orthodox faithful. The pie of St Fanourios is normally prepared on the 27th August, when the Orthodox celebrate his memory. Surely, it is a custom that began from a kind gesture from the faithful, which now is also practiced when one wants to find a lost object; therefore, we observe that Fanouropites are present on a weekly basis in an Orthodox Church. 

It has become a tradition amongst the modern Greeks to say that if we lose something all we need to do is to bake a pie to St Fanourios and he will find us the lost object. It might sound as a superstition, it has worked from what I have seen, in a number of occasions; however, this could be a coincidence. Nevertheless, it is one of the most wide-spread traditions in the Greek Orthodox Church.    

[1] For more on his life, please see the following link:

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