Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Book Review - Offbeat Cyprus: If Walls Could Talk

I have shown, a number of times, my interest in street art and the many various messages we find on the walls from a number of countries. That is why, when my friend Emilio Demetriou-Jones published his first book with street art and messages from Cyprus, I was intrigued. Emilio’s book, entitled Offbeat Cyprus: If Walls Could Talk, is a limited edition photography publication, showcasing Cypriot graffiti and street art. The themes found in this interesting anthology of pictures are anti-fascism, austerity, the debt crisis, philosophy, anti-racism, Euroscepticism, LGBT rights, gender equality and many more.

The author explains: ‘Upon returning to Cyprus in July 2015, I noticed that the walls of many places I visited were adorned with graffiti that was not only visually striking, but often carried massages that were profoundly self-reflective, daringly critical, intentionally tongue-in-cheek, anti-status quo, and at times darkly humorous.’ (p. 2).

The pictures here show the beauty and significance of street art and the messages we find on the walls, depicting exactly the sentiment of the people of a modern, European society, which is going through a number of problems, as is the case with all societies and countries around the world. I have to say, my favourite quote from this book is: ‘Κάποτε σκότωσα ένα μυρμήγκι για πλάκα αλλά αυτό πέθανε στα αλήθεια – Once I killed an ant as a joke, but it actually died.’ This phrase, as the author explains, ‘is a metaphor for humans acting without thinking and considering the consequences until too late.’ I would like to thank Emilio for his wonderful dedication, which did surprise me. I wish him more publications and all the best!

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