Monday, December 14, 2015

Londinoupolis is 5!!!

Londinoupolis is now 5 years old. In these five years many topics have been examined, highlighting certain topics, such as religion, personal travels, visits at churches, talks and events (mainly in Britian) and many more. The readership of londinoupolis has grown, surpassing half a million. 

In the next year previous themes will continue to dominate the blog's interests, such as religion, churches, talks etc.; however, new topics will be examined, whilst others will be emphasised, such as the Olympic Games, due to the fact that it will be an Olympic year. Therefore the history of the Olympic Games will be evident here and there. 
Since this is a celebratory blog-post, I would like to thank those who read londinoupolis and for the comments people send me and tell me when they see me. The support and suggestions are always welcome. So, Happy Birthday londinoupolis....And thank you for being part of this blog. 

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