Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Prokopi, Cappadocia

Prokopi, today Urgup, in Cappadocia, is 50 kilometres west of Caesarea. The ancient name of this town was Osiana or Assiana, but was renamed to Prokopi, taking the name of the Church of St Prokopios, which is believed to have been in that town.

The Greeks had three churches in Prokopi. The most ancient one was St George, located near the house where St John the Russian lived, since 1729. There was also the Church of St Basil, built on top of the underground Church of St Anargyroi, which was consecrated in 1834. In 1892 the Church of St John the Russian was consecrated. There, the saints’ relics were kept, since he lived and died in Prokopi.

With the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, the Christians of Prokopi moved to Greece, forming New Prokopi, on the island of Euboea. They eventually moved the relics of St John the Russian, where they have built a new Church.[1]  

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