Monday, January 11, 2016

Tatlarin Underground City, Cappadocia

This underground city is located on the hill named ‘citadel’ in the village of Tatlarin, in the province of Nevsehir, Cappadocia. The underground city was first discovered in 1975 and in 1991 it was opened up to visitors. Apart from the underground city, there are a lot of churches near the citadel; however, most of them have collapsed due to natural cases. Although the original entrance of the underground city has collapsed, two places in the west remain to provide access to the underground city. 

The underground city covers a large area; however, only a small part of it has been opened. Two floors are open to visitors. The size of the spaces, the number of storage rooms and the great number of churches indicate that this place was either a garrison or a monastery complex, rather than an underground settlement.

On the side of the hill, in Tatlarin town, is located a church, known as the Tatlarin Church. The church has two naves, two apses and a barrel vaulted ceiling. Its narthex has collapsed. The well preserved frescoes are separated by bands, and the figures are painted in purple, mustard and red on a dark grey background. The Church dated back to the 11th century AD. 

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