Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Greek Orthodox Church of St John the Baptist, London

One of the biggest Greek Orthodox communities in London is that of St John the Baptist, in North London, located in an area with many Orthodox faithful. Following a common practice of many Orthodox communities in the UK, St John the Baptist was originally housed in another church building, in this case St Clements Anglican Church in Caledonian Road, showing the good relations and the cooperation between the Anglicans and the Orthodox.

Due to a number of problems, i.e. structural problems of the church building and the fact that the community moved away, it was apparent that a new building had to be found. This was realised with the assistance of Archbishop Athenagoras II. The new Church, in Wightman Rd, where the church currently stands, opened on October 5th 1980, by the then Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain, Methodios Fouyias, whilst the official opening took placeon 23rd June 1985.

Upon entering St John the Baptist one will see that it is adorned by icons, following the Orthodox iconographic tradition. This was undertaken by the Lonodn based icon painter Eleftherios Foulidis. This work lasted for 18 years.[i]

[i] The pictures are from the Facebook Group: St John the Baptist Greek Church. 

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