Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Direkli Church, Cappadocia

The Direkli Church, next to Ihlara Valley, is an interesting church in Cappadocia. It has many icons of doctor saints, including of course St Panteleimon, whilst also having icons of local saints, such as St Basil the Great. It is not sure to whom this Church was dedicated too; however, the fact that there are many doctor Saints, might help in naming it. Nonetheless, this has not happened as yet.

The cross-in-square plan of the Church is designed with four columns. The face of the rock overlooking the valley hosting monastery venues is divided into three sections with four pillars and is limited with blind arched frieze.

The frescoes are dated between 976-1025 AD. According to an inscription in the Church, ‘This Church was built or decorated in the period of Emperor Vasileios and Konstantinos for the survival and forgiveness of the sins of your servant (name of the patron).’

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