Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reading the Scriptures

The Orthodox Church basis its faith, practice, life and theology on two pillars, i.e. Holy Scripture and Tradition. Without one of the two the other one cannot exist. Going to Church, being part of the life and the Holy Sacraments of the Ecclesia is important in order to be part of the Body of Christ and be in communion not only between us Christians but also between us (the faithful) and God. However, reading the Scriptures and learning the theology of the saints, the apostles, the prophets and of the Church in general is also crucial and needed in order to further understand our faith. St John Chrysostom points out the significance of reading Holy Scripture, explaining:

‘Reading the Scriptures is a great means of security against sinning. The ignorance of Scripture is a great cliff and a deep abyss; to know nothing of the divine laws is a great betrayal of salvation. This has given birth to heresies, this has introduced a corrupt way of life, this has put down the things above. For it is impossible, impossible for anyone to depart without benefit if he reads continually with attention.’[1]

[1] Behr, John (ed.), St John Chrysostom – On Wealth and Poverty, (New York, SVSP, 1981), p.60.

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