Thursday, March 31, 2016

St Jean Church, Cappadocia

St Jean Church is a two floor building, found on entering Gulhesir, Cappadocia. The most impressive icons are on the upper level of the Church, whilst the lower one maintains a simpler decorative format. The lower floor has a cross shape and a barrel vault. The central dome, unfortunately has collapsed. Animals, geometrical and crucifix designs are used to decorate the Church in red ochre, which has been applied directly to the rock. The upper Church, on the other hand, has three apses and is barrel vaulted. Apart from those on the main apse, the well preserved frescoes were covered in a layer of black soot. The church’s present state is due to the restoration and conservation done by Ridvan Isler in 1995. According to the inscription on the apse, the Church can be dated back to 1212 AD. 

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