Monday, May 30, 2016

Life is an Arena

Greek Orthodoxy, through the Fathers and through its theologians, it has endeavoured to explain theology using, amongst other disciplines, terms and understandings, athletic connotations in order to express difficult and crucial beliefs of Christianity. The Olympic Games and their ideals relate to the virtues and practices a Christian should have. Below, St John Chrysostom follows this practice by explaining that life is an arena. He explains:

‘The present life is an arena: in the arena and in athletic contests the man who expects to be crowned cannot enjoy relaxation. So if anyone wishes to win a crown, let him choose the hard and laborious life, in order that after he has striven a short time here he may enjoy lasting honour hereafter.’[1]

[1] Behr, John (ed.), St John Chrysostom – On Wealth and Poverty, (New York, SVSP, 1981), p.68.

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