Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Prayer of Petition

One of the greatest prayers we have, from Jesus Christ himself is the Lord’s Prayer. This is a prayer of petition, where we are asking God to help us, into preserving our life, of forgiveness and to keep us close to Him, in communion with Him, away from the hands of the evil. How important is a prayer of petition? Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh believes:

‘Many of our prayers are prayers of petition, and people seem to think that petition is the lowest level of prayer; then comes gratitude, then praise.
But in fact it is gratitude and praise that are expressions of a lower relationship. On our level of half-belief it is easier to sing hymns of praise or to thank God than to trust him enough to ask something with faith. Even people who believe half-heartedly can turn to thank God when something nice comes their way; and there are moments of elation when everyone can sing to God.
But it is much more difficult to have such undivided faith as to ask with one’s whole heart and whole mind with complete confidence. No one should look askance at petition, because the ability to say prayers of petition is a test of the reality of our faith.’[1]

[1] Anthony of Sourozh, Creative Prayer, 2004, p. 58.

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