Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dreams Mean Nothing

Many Christians believe in the dreams they see. They believe that they hold within them certain truths, importance and they understand that they are able to communicate with either God or the afterlife. In many cases this could be true. But it could also be false. We cannot be sure, as many saints would claim, whether what we see is sent by God or the devil. In the Old Testament book Sophia Sirach (34:1-8) we read a great critique of listening and believing in dreams. There we read:

‘34 Foolish people are deceived by vain hopes, and dreams get them all excited. 2 A person who pays any attention at all to dreams is like someone who tries to catch shadows or chase the wind. 3 What you see in a dream is no more real than the reflection of your face in a mirror. 4 What is unreal can no more produce something real than what is dirty can produce something clean. 5 Dreams, divination, and omens are all nonsense. You see in them only what you want to see.[a] 6 Unless the Most High has sent you the dream, pay no attention to it. 7 Dreams have misled many people; they put their faith in them, only to be disappointed. 8 The Law is complete without such falsehood. Wisdom, as spoken by the righteous, is also complete without it.

If, however, we wish to follow a dream we have seen, then it would be wise to follow the advice of our priest, confessor, or the Church’s advice, in general, so we do not follow a false understanding and do something which will lead us away from the truth of the Church. 

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