Sunday, September 18, 2016

Being Ashamed

Reading the Bible one finds many ideas and ideals we the faithful should follow in order to live a better life and achieve our objective in live, i.e. communion with God. It is interesting to see how the Bible promotes the idea of being ashamed in a number of circumstances. These instances allow us to become better people, better Christians and follow a more Christ-centred life. This can be found in Sophia Sirach (41: 14-27) where we read:

14 My children, do as I teach you and live at peace. Wisdom that is not expressed is like a treasure that has been hidden—both are useless. 15 A person who covers up his foolishness is better than one who keeps his wisdom to himself.
16 My children, listen and I will teach you the circumstances when it is proper to be ashamed.[f] Sometimes it is entirely out of place.
17     Before your parents, be ashamed of immoral behaviour.
Before a ruler or an important person, be ashamed of a lie.
18     Before a judge, be ashamed of criminal behaviour.
Before a public assembly, be ashamed of breaking the law.
Before a friend or partner, be ashamed of dishonesty.
19     Before your neighbours, be ashamed of theft.
Be ashamed of breaking a promise,[g]
of leaning on the dinner table with your elbows,
of stinginess when you are asked for something,
20             of not returning a greeting,
of staring at a prostitute,
21             of turning down a relative's request,
of depriving someone of what is rightly his,
of staring at another man's wife,
22             of playing around with his slave woman (keep away from her bed!)
of insulting your friends,
of following up your gifts with criticism,
23             of betraying secrets.

These are times when it is proper for you to be ashamed, and people will respect you for it.

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