Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Do demons really have any power?

Many Christians and other form other religions always understand the world in right and wrong, God and evil, light and dark. However, does evil exist? Does darkness exist? A Christian understanding would be that evil does not, ontologically, exist. When we have evil, we basically understand the lack of God, of goodness, of light. Therefore, if evil does not exist, does evil (i.e. Satan, the demons etc.) have any power? St Anthony the Great gives an answer to this questions, claiming:

‘Let us not be deceived by the demons who do all things in deceit, even to frightening us with death. For they are weak and can do nothing but threaten…The demons have no power, but are like actors on the stage, changing their shapes and frightening children with disruptive apparitions in various forms, for which they ought to be mocked as showing their impotence…’[1]

[1] Bulletin of Spiritual Edification, 24th July 2016, No.1450, p.4. 

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