Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dying Before Our Time

How long we live on this planet is not important for a Christian. This might sound anachronistic; it might even sound idiotic to many, especially today, where death is a taboo. No one wishes to talk about it. However, we need to understand life in order to understand death. This life is merely the first chapter of our existence. The main part of our story is not in our current existence but in the future life. Dying early or dying in general is not to be seen as a bad moment in our lives. It is a chance for us to reach our goal, which for a Christian is communion with God, a relationship with Him and His people. Although it is a sad moment, where we miss our loved ones, it is a reality which no one can side-line. Let us understand life and death. In the following Old Testament passage (Wisdom of Solomon 4:7-19) we understand the truth of why some people live longer and why some people die younger. Let us not forget it is not important how long we live, but what is the quality of our life and how we can achieve salvation.

7Good people may die early, but they will be at rest. 8True respect isn't gained merely by growing old— 9people are honoured because of their wisdom and goodness. 10   Enoch, a person God loved and who pleased him, was living among sinners. But God took him away 11to protect his mind and soul from the influence of evil. 12Even the most innocent person can be deceived and destroyed by sinful thoughts. 13But Enoch loved the Lord; he became mature in a few years 14and pleased the Lord. So he quickly took Enoch away to protect him from evil. 15Others failed to understand that this is how God shows kindness and mercy and protects his holy people. 16Good people may die young, but they shame those sinners who live a long time. 17Sinners fail to understand why God gives them a long life and lets the wise die young. 18When they see this happen, they simply sneer. But God will laugh at them because their dead bodies will be forever disgusting to the rest of the dead. 19God will throw them speechless to the ground, and they will be like buildings that crumble. They will suffer and rot, then be forgotten.

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