Monday, October 10, 2016

‘Mount Athos and Russia 1016 – 2016’ Conference

The Friends of Mount Athos is organising a Residential Conference entitled: ‘Mount Athos and Russia 1016-2016’ at Madingley Hall Cambridge (England). This will take place between 3 and 5 February 2017. Russians have existed on Mount Athos since 1016. This event will be commemorated in Greece and elsewhere, due to its importance.

According to Dr Graham Speake, Friends of Mount Athos Chairman, ‘some of the most celebrated names in the history of Russian spirituality have been Athonites. Russians have contributed generously to the spiritual and cultural traditions of the Mountain, just as Greek Athonites continue to have a significant impact on the spiritual life of the Russian Orthodox Church.’[1] Distinguished speakers from Finland, Russia, Ukraine and the UK will present papers on a number of topics on Russians and Mount Athos.  
For more information on this event please contact Graham Speake: 01295 721445,
Also you can visit the Friends of Mount Athos site:

[1] Orthodox Outlook, August/September 2016, Issue 121, p. 11.

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