Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Devout and the Wicked at the Final Judgment

Thinking constantly of the Last Judgement, of death, of our future life in the Kingdom of God could actually be a way of achieving eternal life. It will be a way of staying on the right path. We should aim to be on the right hand of God at the final judgement. Let us not entertain what might happen if we are on his left, if we are not to live on in His Kingdom. The following passage from the Old Testament Book Wisdom of Solomon (4:20-5:14) gives an interesting point, where sinners have no hope when the Second Coming of Jesus will take place.

20Sinners will be horrified when they are condemned by their evil deeds. 1But all who have pleased God will stand with confidence in the presence of those who abused them and made fun of the good they did. 2When those evil ones see how God has saved his people, they will tremble with fear and be completely amazed. 3They will groan and say to each other, “We should have turned from sin! 4We were fools to sneer at those people, but we thought they were fools who had died in disgrace. 5Why are they God's children? Why are they his holy people? 6“So we were the ones who turned from truth and rejected the light from those good people. 7We refused to follow the Lord! Instead we were lawless and followed a desert road that led us to destruction. 8All of our pride and wealth has proved to be useless. 9“Everything we treasured has vanished like a shadow or a hastily spoken word, 10or like the wake of a ship on ocean waves, 11or like the flight of a bird through the air, 12or like the unknown path of an arrow on its way to the target. 13As soon as we were born, we began to disappear because we followed only evil and left behind no traces of anything good.” 14Sinners have no more hope than dust in the wind, or frost in the heat of the sun, or smoke in a breeze. They are remembered no longer than an overnight guest.

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