Friday, December 9, 2016

Idolatry and Evil

The history of idolatry is different but yet similar in every culture and peoples who adopted this religious route. However, what united all the idolaters is the fact that they remain in the dark, believing in false gods, made by man in order to fill a certain void. According to the following passage from the Old Testament Book Wisdom of Solomon (14:12-31) we see how idolatry is also evil, keeping its faithful far from God’s embrace.

Solomon continues praying:
12Our God, the idea of making an idol was itself the first step toward being unfaithful to you. 13Idols were not here in the beginning, and they won't be around forever. 14They resulted from human pride, and so you have plans for them to end quickly.
15For example, a father made an idol to look like his child who had suddenly died, and the dead child then became an object of worship by later generations, who followed mysterious and secret ceremonies. 16Over the years, such godless ceremonies became customs and then laws, as rulers commanded idols of themselves to be carved and worshiped. 17And when people lived far from their rulers, they tried to make idols that looked like their rulers, so that they could honour and flatter those rulers as if they were there with them.
18-19In fact, some people who did not know what their rulers looked like were led to worship them, because of the skill and the tireless efforts of those who made beautiful idols to please their rulers. 20Finally, many people started worshiping their earthly rulers as gods. 21As a result, idolatry became a hidden trap for those who were suffering or were under the authority of rulers, and they called these idols gods, although you alone are God.
22Not only are such people ignorant about you, but this ignorance makes them terrible enemies of each other, even while they think they are living at peace. 23They kill their children as sacrifices and conduct secret ceremonies, they follow strange customs and act like wild people, 24they are immoral and cause great pain by being unfaithful in marriage, and they are deceitful murderers. 25Violence, murder, robbery, deceit, corruption, dishonesty, riots, and lying are everywhere. 26No one knows right from wrong or shows gratitude or cares about anyone else; all of them are sexual perverts or share weird marriage unions or are otherwise completely disgusting.
27The worship of worthless idols is the cause and result of all kinds of evil. 28Their worshipers act crazy, or give false messages in the name of God, or live sinful lives. They never speak the truth, and they tell lies in court 29because they trust in these lifeless idols and don't expect to be punished. 30But they will be punished for worshiping idols instead of you, the Holy God, and for disgracing you with their deceitful lies. 31Sinners don't receive help from the idols they worship, but the penalty for their sins follows them in hot pursuit.

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