Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Incarnation as Revelation of God’s Love

How do we understand the incarnation of Christ? Modern society dictates that we understand this annual event as a shopping spree, as a gift-giving moment in the year where we try and make each other happy with goods. However, what is the theology behind the Incarnation? Why do we wish to celebrate this annually? How important is the incarnation of Christ for the Church? Below we find how the Orthodox Church understands this mystery by reading the words of an Anglican priest and theologian, Donald Allchin, who was very much interested in Orthodoxy, being in many ways Orthodox but in an Anglican form. He explains:

‘And surely the Orthodox Church is right when it sees the incarnation of the Word, not as an isolated, single event, but as a revelation of God’s love which wills to redeem and transfigure the whole created universe. The person of Jesus of Nazareth in whom all the fullness the godhead dwells is to be the focal point from which the divine presence is to radiate out into the world, and bring the Church into being. The presence of God is to be found throughout the life of the Church.’[1]

[1] Allchin, The World Is A Wedding, 134. 

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