Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wall of Skulls

Walking around the famous and sacred Templo Mayor, in the centre of Mexico City, one comes across the Wall of Skulls. During the Aztec times, skulls of sacrificed prisoners were mounted on wooden stakes forming a wall of skulls.

In the Templo Mayor one finds the Tzompantli Altar. Arranged in rows, two hundred forty stone skulls covered with several layers of stucco decorate the back and sides of the structure. The main façade has a stairway flanked by balustrades. Its interior contained a spectacular offering, including representations of musical instruments, along with puma and wolf skeletons and other elements. This building is located on the north side of the Great Temple, symbolically alluding to the region of the dead known as Mictlampa, according to Mexica vision of the cosmos. 

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